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Courtney Christian School is committed to academic excellence. The administration and faculty established academic goals for student learning by designing and implementing academic programs that promote student achievement.

Students in the Early Childhood Program are given a solid phonics foundation through the Abeka Curriculum. Students are taught to use critical thinking strategies in all areas of the curriculum. Eighth graders are required to research, write, and present an extensive term paper as preparation for High School. Latin and Greek roots are taught in Seventh and Eighth grades as part of a vocabulary program that teaches students to analyze word meanings rather than simply memorize definitions.

Students in Grades One through Eight are involved in the study of classical literature. Reading the classics gives the teacher and the students a shared experience that is unlike anything else – an adventure into an exciting story with new friends and horizons to explore. It creates for the teacher a context for inspiring character, conscience, convictions, and confidence in the heart of the child. The teacher cultivates the love of language, the love of family, friendship, and country, as well as the Lord Jesus Christ, through the “life” lived out in books.

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