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Faculty & Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Brittany McDaniel

Mrs. Brittany McDaniel has taught middle school Science at Courtney Christian School for two years, and she also serves as the sixth grade homeroom teacher. Mrs. McDaniel has a strong science background: she earned a master’s degree, had her thesis published and formerly taught at Southeastern Louisiana University. She brings hands-on learning to her lessons using the new activity space in her classroom in Ruth Burton Hall.

Mrs. McDaniel’s favorite thing about teaching is getting to know her students and learning what it is they love so that she can support them in growing their passions.

The parent of one of Mrs. McDaniel’s students had this to say about her experience enrolling her daughter at Courtney Christian School last year: “Mrs. McDaniel was very patient with (my student) and very helpful to me. She called me and we talked about where (my student) seemed to be lacking and how we could help her catch up with her peers. She has made progress, and I am extremely pleased with the choice to move her to CCS.”

Outside of school, Mrs. McDaniel enjoys reading and crafting. She has a two-year-old son who she plans to enroll in Courtney Christian School’s PreK-3 program next year.

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