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Courtney Christian School’s Athletics Program Continues to Grow

Lately, Courtney Christian School’s Athletics program has been “knocking it out of the park” as it continues to grow. With an increasing number of sports teams, new facilities, experienced coaches and dedicated supporters, the school is aiming to soon become one of the top Athletics programs in the area.

Now in its seventh year of operation, Courtney Christian School continues to add sports teams – such as the first-ever softball team that threw its first pitch earlier this month – with more slated for next school year. Currently, the school offers volleyball, cross country, girls and boys basketball, track and field, softball and cheerleading, while the school’s first flag football, soccer and baseball teams are planned for the 2022-2023 school year. Courtney Christian School also has partnered with the Abrie du Plooy Tennis Academy, the largest tennis academy in the state, to offer tennis lessons to students during the school day while on campus.

In addition to the sports it offers, Courtney Christian School has a unique asset in Coach Craig Rock, who has served as the school’s Athletic Director since early 2021. Coach Rock, a former collegiate athlete who still holds state records in track, has an innovative approach to coaching, which allows him to partner with local, experienced former athletes to train Courtney Christian School students in each sport. In addition to technique, skills and conditioning, these high-quality coaches teach leadership, sportsmanship and respect in keeping with the school’s culture of excellence and honor. Courtney Christian School’s Athletics program also focuses on instilling Biblical principles and character training among student athletes and incorporating life lessons through participation in sports.

Courtney Christian School’s new gymnasium opened earlier this school year and hosted a full season of home volleyball and basketball games. A gymnasium expansion is already being planned to provide additional seating as well as more classrooms to the school’s growing campus. Further, Courtney Christian School and Hammond America Sports Park recently announced a partnership to host all home softball games as well as future home flag football and soccer games until fields near the school can be developed for the Athletics program.

Finally, the Courtney Christian School Athletics program has found support in the newly established Lion Spirit Booster Club, led by parent volunteers who are passionate about seeing the school’s Athletics program continue to reach new levels of success. The Lion Spirit Booster Club began accepting individual and business memberships this spring, and the first fundraising event – an all-day volleyball tournament – was held at the school’s gymnasium in February.

To learn more about Courtney Christian School’s Athletics program, visit To learn more about or join the Lion Spirit Booster Club as an individual or business, visit

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