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Faculty & Staff Spotlight: Coach Summer Broussard

Coach Summer Broussard has been a teacher for six years, three of which have been at Courtney Christian School. She is the elementary Physical Education teacher as well as the leader of many school events including pep rallies, Field Day, Pink Out volleyball night, Athletic Banquet and more. Coach Broussard is known for her fun activities during the school day and her events executed with excellence.

Coach Broussard enjoys many things about teaching at CCS, including being around so many like-minded co-workers, being actively involved in her own kids’ lives (she has three sons enrolled at CCS), being able to make a positive difference in the lives of so many children, playing with her students and organizing fun events.

Coach Broussard says, “I have always loved sports and competitions, so I enjoy being able to teach that each day.”

A parent of one of her students said, “(My student) enjoys all of the fun games that Coach Broussard plans for P.E. She does a wonderful job teaching sportsmanship and promoting physical activity!”

Outside of school, Coach Broussard has many hobbies. She likes to cook, sing karaoke, go camping, plan parties for family gatherings, work in the yard, and play volleyball, kickball and board games with her family.


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