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Faculty & Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Donna Woodburn

Mrs. Donna Woodburn has been a teacher for 26 years and is in her second year of teaching fourth grade at Courtney Christian School. Mrs. Woodburn is known for her cozy classroom designs and her joyful presence among her students.

Mrs. Woodburn’s favorite thing about teaching is being a blessing to others and being blessed daily by her students.

The parents of one of her students had this to say: “Mrs. Woodburn has been an amazing support system for [my student]. She has helped him adjust socially and academically. He has told me on more than one occasion that she's the best teacher he's ever had and that she gives the best hugs!”

In addition to her high-quality teaching, Mrs. Woodburn has many connections throughout Courtney Christian School. Her son Andrew graduated from eighth grade in May, and her daughters Kayci Kenney and Melanie Giangrosso both serve at the school as Kindergarten teacher and Pre-K4 paraprofessional. She also has grandchildren enrolled in the Early Childhood program.

Mrs. Woodburn’s hobbies outside of school include reading, researching and spending time with family.


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