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Faculty & Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Kari Kennedy

Mrs. Kari Kennedy has been a teacher for six years, and she will begin her second year teaching third grade at Courtney Christian School next month.

The things Mrs. Kennedy enjoys most about teaching include inspiring students, building their confidence, seeing "lightbulb" moments and building relationships.

Parents of Mrs. Kennedy’s students had this to say:

“She is a wonderful teacher. A bright light in (my student’s) world.”

“Mrs. Kennedy is such a blessing to (my student). She’s very patient and goes above and beyond to help him whenever she sees him struggle.”

“(My student) absolutely ADORES Mrs. Kennedy. She is so kind and caring. She does a fantastic job teaching the kids and has really honed in on areas that he struggles in and puts in extra effort to help him learn the material and be successful in school.”

In her free time, Mrs. Kennedy enjoys being outdoors, crafting and baking. She has two children enrolled at Courtney Christian School.


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