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Faculty & Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Rhonda Hatfield

Mrs. Rhonda Hatfield serves as Courtney Christian School’s Music Director and has spent the last three years building the school’s music program. In that short time, Mrs. Hatfield has established the CCS Choir, middle school hymn study elective and middle school garage bands all while teaching weekly music education classes to students in first through eighth grades as well as offering private piano lessons during the school day. Additionally, she oversees the school’s annual Veterans Day program and Christmas musical, and this spring she hosted the inaugural CCS Annual Worship Concert.

Mrs. Hatfield enjoys teaching students to use their gifts and talents for God's glory and inspiring a love for music among them.

A parent of one of her music students said, “Mrs. Rhonda is such a talented music teacher. The Veterans Day and Christmas programs were extraordinary! It is so special that CCS students are experiencing the joy of music and spreading that joy when they perform!”

Mrs. Hatfield has one child enrolled at CCS. Outside of school, she enjoys music, the outdoors, chess and family.


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